Uber & Lyft: Good for the Bar Business

The digital age of rapidly advancing technology is ubiquitous. Each day, new apps offer us ways to connect and make life easier, whether it’s sharing videos and photos, managing our bank accounts, or checking in and meeting up with friends.


ip Code Wilmington has added JavaScript to its fall teaching schedule as part of the back end programming track. Get ready to arm yourself with a useful, new coding language. Don’t be fooled. Even though JavaScript (JS) has Java in its name, the languages are different. JavaScript is a web-based language used to build interactive websites, while Java is a programming language that most refer to as “the basics.”


Do a Google search for “WhyFly” and the first things that pop up are testimonials from pilots about the joys of flying an airplane. After that come websites that give you tips on the sport of fly fishing (it’s all in the wrist). Finally, you find it—WhyFly, the start-up internet service provider that’s located in the small city of Wilmington and is ready to take on the big boys of cyberspace.

Parking Pay App Goes Live In Wilmington

Wilmington has launched the Parkmobile payment option for metered parking in downtown Wilmington. Motorists can pay for parking through the Parkmobile phone app at approximately 1,000 metered spaces in downtown Wilmington, Delaware.

The Tech Industry Needs More Latino Developers

o one can deny the last decade’s tech boom. But as the number of tech jobs increases, those who are filling the positions have not been representative of the world we live in. The tech space has primarily been occupied by white males. In 2014, news headlines called out Apple for its 70% male and more than 50% white workforce. This lack of diversity is not exclusive to Apple, but mirrored the same from other tech giants including Yahoo, Google and Facebook. At the time, of Google’s employees, only 2% were black and 3% Latino.

Which Language Are You Speaking: Java

 For newbies to the tech industry, it can seem as if coders speak a different language. In fact, they do. There are more than 600 notable coding languages to choose for projects – and more to be added in our fast-paced digital world.

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