Dare to Be Black: The Triumphant Story of Unsung Boxer Comes to Delaware

Jack Johnson was an athlete, inventor, and businessman. However, his most famous title as the first African-American heavyweight champion of the world still remains uncelebrated and unpardoned. Playwright and screenwriter Tommie Moore hopes to change this through his new play “Dare to be Black: The Jack Johnson Story.”

Invincible – A Glorious Tribute To Michael Jackson @ The Grand Opera House

This spectacular show stunned Grand audiences in 2016 with its faithful, high-energy tribute to Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. Imagine the ultimate Michael Jackson concert, but one that represents all the different stages of Jackson’s amazing musical career. All the great songs, all the video and concert choreography…passionately re-created on stage in one blockbuster

Delaware Theatre Company’s Second Production Of 2017/2018 Announced In The Center Ring – Dare...

Delaware Theatre Company delivers a 1-2 punch bringing sports history and racial unrest to the stage debuting October 25th with the one-man powerhouse performance of DARE TO BEBLACK.

Preview of the Delaware Art Museum’s Exhibit “An American Journey: The Art of John...

The state of Delaware has a long history of embracing the arts, and the Wilmington Society of the Fine Arts has been a driving force in promoting that history since the early 1900s. Because of that rich history, we have facilities like the Delaware Art Museum that are constantly enhancing our lives through the appreciation of art.

How full-time artists make it in Delaware

As with all professions, the path to success is different for every artist. Here are the stories of four Delaware-area visual artists.

Delaware Art Museum Unveils First Virtual Reality Experience

Inspired by the Delaware Art Museum’s collection of Pre-Raphaelite Art, artist collaborators Troy Richards and Knut Hybinette developed the Museum’s first virtual reality (VR) experience.

David Sarnoff Collection open to public at Hagley

After three years of processing, preserving, and cataloging, Hagley Library has opened the David Sarnoff Library collection to the public.

WCC Exchange – The Final Days

The final days of the cultural exchange were filled with many emotions – joy, anticipation, determination, and a little bit of sadness. As the choristers...

WCC Exchange Day 6: Truly Tremendous Talent Touted Tonight

Wednesday brings another day of rehearsals for the choristers of the Wilmington Children’s Chorus and the instrumentalists of the Kammerorchester der Jugend Fulda. They’re...

WCC Exchange Day 2: Rehearsal One & Hotdog Buns

Binders, bags, and bass cases in hand, the choristers of the Wilmington Children’s Chorus and instrumentalists of the Kammerorchester der Jugend Fulda make their...

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