Barry Schlecker on the art of planning events

There are really just three basic ingredients needed to produce a popular regional arts festival, according to Barry Schlecker: good food, good art and good music. And of course, a good coordinator to pull the pieces together. Since 2010, Schlecker, founder of Barry’s Events, has produced the successful Brandywine Festival of the Arts, a fall…

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Delaware will compete for Amazon’s headquarters

Immediately after Amazon announced plans yesterday to open a second North American headquarters, emails began flying around Delaware government offices. Delaware officials will announce today that they will join Chicago, Los Angeles and other cities in the competition for Amazon’s $5 billion “HQ2.” “It’s interesting how it works in Delaware. All we all needed to…

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Bank of America to lease in Red Clay Financial Center

Bank of America will lease two floors of a three-story office building EDiS is constructing at the corner of Centerville Road and Lancaster Pike. The 60,000-square-foot building will occupy the last pad at Red Clay Financial Center on the corner opposite Corporation Service Co. The bank plans to relocate about 100 employees from its wealth…

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Good advice from Great Dames

Sharon Kelly Hake said her 30-year career as a global marketing director at DuPont gave her an opportunity to talk to women from all over the world, and she noticed a common thread. “There was always this underlying current, this struggle of ‘What’s the mark I want to make, and how can I improve the…

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Innovation Delaware Q&A: Dora Cheatham of Delaware Sustainable Chemistry Alliance

The Delaware Sustainable Chemistry Alliance (DESCA) was formed in 2010 to foster long-term innovation among key stakeholders in the public and private sectors in Delaware and its nearby regions. The alliance accomplishes its goal by working with thought leaders in industry, government and academia to link resources in ways that can both optimize funding for R&D…

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DowDuPont merger promises to be a quiet event

By Roger Morris Special to Delaware Business Times Editor’s note: this article first appeared in the August 22 edition of Delaware Business Times When the DowDuPont merger becomes final on August 31, it will mark a seismic change in the history of the 215-year-old Delaware company, yet there will be few outward indications that anything…

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Business Woman of the Year is Deirdre Smith

Business Woman of the Year
Deirdre Smith
Director of Operations and Partner of Duffield Associates
Deirdre Smith is Vice President and a Principal of Duffield Associates, an engineering and science consulting firm headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, with regional offices in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey.  As Director of Operations, Deirdre is responsible for the performance of the firm’s technical services Divisions.  She also serves as a Senior Project Manager, working with her clients and team to ensure integration and collaboration of the firm’s technical expertise and the delivery of client-focused solutions.

Dr. Arianne Missimer to give keynote speech at Women’s Expo

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Arianne Missimer
Clinic Director/Executive Team
Kinetic Physical Therapy

Dr. Arianne Missimer, Human Movement Specialist, has spent the past 15 years in the fitness and nutrition industry, specializing in performance enhancement and injury prevention through proper assessment and training methods.  In 2002, Arianne received her BS in Dietetics combined with a fitness concentration at the University of Delaware. She owns and operates CORE Fitness (, a performance training studio, nurturing a diverse group of clientele, including individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle and recreational/ competitive athletes of all levels, to improve their overall performance through proper functional training, conditioning, and nutrition.  She developed CORE’s scientific training and nutrition methodology through clinical practice and successful outcomes. Her passion for performance training and movement led her to pursue her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Neumann University.

Dr. Missimer has been at Kinetic Physical Therapy in West Chester, PA since 2010. In addition to her role as physical therapist, Dr. Missimer serves as the Clinic Director of the West Chester clinic. Dr. Missimer specializes in a global, movement-based approach. Her goal is not to just get her patients pain-free, but to change the way they move in life and sport, change the way individuals think about exercise, and provide them with the tools necessary for a successful rehab to performance continuum. In addition, Dr. Missimer is the Golf Performance Director where she works with recreational and competitive golfers using the K-Vest 3 D System and golf-specific performance training.

She was awarded the “Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year” by the American Dietetic Association and received the “Outstanding Alumni Award” from the University of Delaware.  Additionally, she has a passion for continuing education. She is a Strong First Level 2 instructor (SFG2), Certified Rock Doc, Certified Indian Club Specialist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS), Certified Titleist Performance Institute (T.P.I.) Golf Fitness Instructor, and Golf Medical Professional Level 3. She is also certified in Neurokinetic Therapy, the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SMFA), and Y Balance Test.

In addition to her advanced training, Dr. Missimer has created “The Movement Paradigm” where she shares her passion for a comprehensive, movement–based approach. She has developed a passion for presenting on a regional and national level. She has presented at the National NSCA conference and APTA Annual conference and develops course content for the Home CEU connection and serves on multiple advisory boards. Her personal goal is to restore sustainable and optimal health in individuals of all ages and abilities and to bridge the gap between physical therapy and performance.

Outside of work, she enjoys ballroom dancing, golf, kettlebells, outdoor activities, exercising, continuing education and traveling. Most importantly, she enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Dr. Missimer's Keynote speech will be at the Entrepreneurial & Women's Women's Expo on November 14th at the Chase Center on the Riverfront. Join us!  Click here for more info on the event.

Better Business Bureau holds series of talks across state

The Better Business Bureau of Delaware will hold a series of education talks at 10 community and senior centers across the state. Funded by a grant from M&T Bank, the talks will highlight BBB’s role in the community and how it can help consumers protect themselves from fraud and identity theft. “We are pleased to…

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​K-LAK Corporation is 100% Veteran Women Owned, Service Disabled Company


​K-LAK Corporation is 100% Veteran Women Owned, Service Disabled Company.  Being a diverse company gives K-LAK Corp. the opportunity to reach out to all sectors of business industries.  Our staff and partners learn firsthand the intricacies of what it entails to get the project done from inception to completion.


Our firm is currently is organized into Five Operating/Vertical Divisions that provide service to our clients.  The divisions are:


1.  Information Services                   

Credit Reporting                        

Credit Monitoring                        

Criminal Background Screening                

Criminal Monitoring                     

All services are on the web base           


2.  Construction and Management       

Fencing Services

Tree Services

Division 10

Paining and Dry walls

And yes we are bonded

3.   Real Estate Services
Property Management

Property Placement

Tenant Screening Software

4. Consulting and Training

5. Technical Services


Our expertise is the old fashioned way-on the job applying established industry standards, methodologies and practices using the latest technology and automated services.


A list of some of our client(s):


The Army Corps of Engineering

Bancroft Construction

California Department of Parks and Recreation

City of Philadelphia

City of Wilmington

Department of the Air Force

Department of the Army

Department of the Interior

Department of the Navy

Immigration of Naturalization Services

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

State Police of California Highway Patrol

TransCare Inc.

Urgent Ambulance Services


K-LAK Corporation Promise:


    We bring high quality constructive solution efficiently and effectively to satisfy your needs that will save you money, improve your employee screening experience that will prevent negligent hiring and provide a variety of levels of training and technical support based on the customer’s requirement.


    The Partners at K-LAK Corporation believe the customer satisfaction is paramount, quality service is key and continuous improvement is the standard and is essential.


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