All of us can think back to our childhood when we would spend the night at grandmas house, playing all day and hearing her call dinner when the street lights come on. We would sit down at the table, she would put a plate in front of us and regardless of what the food was, we felt a sense of comfort that couldn’t be replaced. For years I considered that feeling exclusive to those early parts of my life, that was until I walked through the doors of

Ralston Burchell
(Left) with his son; Cook Troy Nicely (Right) getting a batch of jerk ready for me

OB’s Jamaican Restaurant in the summer of 2015. For two years I have frequented the establishment and It is one of the three places that are able to replicate the fleeting feelings of my youth. Run by OB’s son Ralston Burchell
(one of the kindest most genuine human beings I have ever met I might add) took over for his father in 2016. Along with Cook Troy Nicely. Both have been serving the population of center city Wilmington with the demeanour of friendliness rarely found in today’s day in age. At OB’s, you come for the food, buy stay for the hospitality.


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