Almost all of us remember Cheers and the concept of a local establishment where you feel like an individual introduced by the iconic sitcom. Wilmington has multiple places like this that serve this role, but probably on of the most prolific is a quaint little diner called Angelo’s Luncheonette. While unknown to those outside of state and a portion of the younger generation. For Wilmington natives, the name of this diner is a juggernaut almost

August Muzzi (left) – owner, cook, good soul; 9:00am breakfast rush (right), it doesn’t stop the conversation


universally known. Frequented by the common man and Delaware politicians alike, when you walk through the two-way doors you are treated as an equal no matter which generation you are born into. Run by August Muzzi (who has one of the most inviting personalities mind you) who bought the establishment from his father Angelo, the diner’s namesake, and has continued to run it the same way since it’s inception. With all day breakfast, free coffee refills, and the high-quality low-cost food, Angelo’s it Delaware’s Cheers (Minors allowed). Conversation accepted, credit denied, where a school coach and a former Vice President sit side by side and talk as equals. Angelo’s is certainly the place where everybody knows your name.

A half-century of service: 

Breakfast Menu(left);Lunch Menu(right)


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